Thursday, May 17, 2007

Monday, May 07, 2007

Slideshow: SOFA SJ First Friday - May 2007

Photos from San Jose's First Fridays open studios, featuring "Lowrider Arcade," an exhibit of custom-made lowrider bikes by Matthew Rodriguez & Samuel Rodriguez at Gallery AD and some amazing emo kid band from Phoenix called French Quarter at Works/San Jose.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Hot and Not #1

For today's post I decided to do my own newspaper-style 'Hot and Not' list to encapsulate the week, so here goes:

Los Tiburones

My neighbor JT scored some sweet Sharks tickets for Monday’s playoff game against Detroit. Though I've always been conflicted about cheering for a team from a climate zone where there is no naturally occurring skateable ice—not to mention one that wears teal sweaters—it was awesome to see a playoff game in person. And since the Blackhawks look destine to never make a return to the playoffs, it was great to see Detroit—an Original Six team—grinding it out in what I'm hoping will be a seven game, to-the-bone series. Also great: seeing Chris Chelios, age 45, still playing like he's 25. The company was great too. Muchos gracias JT!

Rain Reign
We've had some short bursts of rain here in what normally is the dry season. Given the stingy precip over the winter, it seems refreshing and recharging...and it will extend the super sweet and tacky trail season just a bit longer. In the Midwest, rain is a depression that lasts for weeks. The way it's been here the last few weeks, rain is short bursts of pure joy.

Rocking the SCTT
I did the Swanton Time Trial yesterday with Ryan P. And while my time clocked in a bit slower than last month, I managed to have fun while putting the screws to myself. Ryan did too. On the way home we rocked out to Styx Greatest Hits. Our version of 'Renegade' puts Wayne and Garth to shame.

The Warriors
I'm not much of an NBA fan, but I like what the Warriors are doing. I like the way they run and steal and scrap. I like their fans, the almost collegiate atmosphere of their arena, and the fact that the players really seem to want it. I'm glad they made short work of the NBA's best team, especially since the Mavs a) are from Texas, and b) have a loudmouth, jackass, rich guy owner.
I hope they play Houston next, defeat another team from Texas and run circles around Yao Ming (though I have nothing against the Mingster).

Confession here—I had no idea the Golden State Warriors played in Oakland until, like, last year. Why can't they be the Oakland Warriors? With the bum rap that town gets, they should be allowed a geographically precise source of pride.

Props also to the Bulls, who swept defending champion Miami in round one.

The Two-Week Itch
I hate the oak. It's kinda my fault that New Sean, Kevin and myself are all suffering now. I say "kinda" because I hadn't ridden that little connector trail in a while, but figured the poison oak was still kinda small and kinda avoidable. Kinda not. Thankfully, Kevin has this calamine/Bactine spray that is soothing and gives you a stylish polka dot look. I hate the kinda about that.

Freeway on Fire
Tanker truck overturns on I-580 connector, explodes and destroys freeway. I guess literally speaking this should go on the VERY hot list, but who woulda thunk you could burn down a concrete and steel span of freeway? If there's a silver lining, hopefully it will encourage a few more people to use public transportation or bike...that and the fact that nobody died.

A Little Too Chipper
Somehow I acquired yet another chip in my windshield. At this rate, me and Santa Cruz Glass are gonna be on a first name basis.

Stiff Revengance
So yeah, maybe Kevin was a bit over-the-top with the sample Wheaties boxes in Tom's office...and in his mail and on the back of the door and in his drawer. But Tom perhaps overstepped when he exacted his revenge by plastering Kevin's FJ with the same. Not that I didn't laugh my ass was funny as hell, and stylishly executed. But in my book, messin' with someone's car (or bike) is akin to horse theivin'. And that would get you shot in the Old West.