Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Molly Wins

It's official. Molly F now has the coolest bike in the office. Trumped are all the nanosquidnology carbon race bikes, superelastic boinger sleds, way-too-dandy fixies and that rust pile of a BMX bike Baker is working on. Her custom Superhero bike is art in motion...comic book art, painstakingly culled by Molly herself—an artist she, with an artist’s eye and temperament to boot—from volumes upon volumes of source material. Scanned, tweaked, outputted, remixed and arranged over the course of a month or two, Miss Molly sent off the art and a sketch to John Slawta, proprietor/builder/craftsman of Land Shark Bikes. He crafted her a stunning, lightweight steel cross bike...painted it with a sparkly white basecoat and applied the graphics all over, the covered it with a durable clear coat. As you can see the results are awesome. The coolest hero shot? The pic of her dad on the top tube riding his bike as a kid!

Personal Hygene Tip #763

Always brush your teeth after putting your contact lenses in. Doing the reverse may result in a painful condition known as Peppermint Eye Syndrome.