Friday, February 23, 2007

K-141: More than a snapshot

I'm not sure what it says about me, but I've always been captivated by those hopeless situations you see on the news—the boy that falls down the well…the miners trapped in the collapse…the people stuck for days in an elevator—that kind of thing. I'm sure it points to some deep psychological flaw or something, but it should be noted that I always root for a safe resolution, which seems, unfortunately, to be the exception.

Five or six years ago I was riveted to the developments in the Barents Sea where the Russian submarine Kursk exploded and sank to the ocean floor. Though most of the crew perished in the initial incident, 23 sailors survived in a stern compartment for a while and there were hopes for a rescue. Several attempts were made, but the sailors ultimately succumbed.

It wasn’t until after I came home from a trip to Italy last spring that I realized a picture I took of what I thought was interesting stencil graffiti was actually a tribute to the crew of the Kursk. If you look at the artwork you'll see the number "K-141," which is the Kursk’s number and the words “АПЛ Курск,” which is Kursk in Russian. The 12 men in the stencil are members of the crew that are actually from the town of Kursk.

When I first saw the image it kind of stunned me…I remember almost recoiling, then taking out my camera. Even without comprehending it, it makes a strong impression and after connecting the dots to the Kursk it takes on a chilling, indelible quality.

While some people would dismiss street graffiti as vandalism—which I, as a rule, detest, particularly in an old-world city like Venice—there’s something about this that rises above. For me anyway.

I even made a t-shirt about it.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tuesday - 2.20.07 - 11 a.m.

As I reaffixed the pump to my bike in front of the Children's Discovery Museum...

Four-ish with long black hair, pink pants and a Dora t-shirt.
“Get up! Here comes another one! Gnuuuuuuuuuuuuuew!” Arms outsrteched, spinning in circles, eyes up to the sky.

A spikey blond boy in a pint-sized hoody.
“Yay, another one! WoWoWooWooWoWoooWoo!” Joining her in circles--one eye on each other, one in the sky.

A 747 or some such, resplendent in sliver and booming.
“Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooosh!” Its fast moving shadow sweeps over the landscape.

Collapse on the grass. And laugh. And laugh. And Laugh.

Smile and laugh and wish I could join them.

A snapshot of how simple it all should be.

Creature from the Desk #2

Being in marketing, I get all kinds of weird promotional items in the mail, most of which are just plain dumb. This one from a display company called Department of Energy (thus the DOE) is different. It's a wind-up penguin that waddles and poops little candy poo balls. I would have photographed the poo balls for you, but I ate them all already.

Best in Show

This Jesse Rooks custom at the Dunlop booth was my pick for bike of the show.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Ready for Bonneville

World's Fastest

Super Bitchin'

Roland Sands KR-V5

Multimedia message

Roland Sands

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Workin' the streets of Indianapolis.

Old School Cool

One-of-a-kind Bell Moto-8 rockin it old school Bob Hanna style.
Posted live via camera phone from Dealer Expo 2007.

A Beautiful Curse

Wicked paint on a bike called 'Cursed.'
Posted live via camera phone from Dealer Expo 2007.

I won't lie, I love B-U-D-D-Y (why)?

Genuine's Buddy 125 with apologies to De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest.
Posted live via cell phone from Dealer Expo 2007.

Venitian Disconnect

TNG's Venice scooter was retrolicious, but there are no scooters in Venice!
Posted live via cell phone from Dealer Expo 2007.

Herbbie the Love Scoot

Diamo's sweet throwback scoot.
Posted live via cell phone from Dealer Expo 2007.

The Classic

When it comes to scooter style, Vespa is still in a class of its own.
Posted live via cell phone from Dealer Expo 2007.

Super Supermoto


Posted live via cell phone from Dealer Expo 2007

Rolling Stone Bike

Built in seven days by Two Brothers Racing.

Posted live via cell phone from Dealer Expo 2007

Everything is indoors, even the outdoors

Rollin' in Indy with Pack and Sack.

Posted live via cell phone from Dealer Expo 2007

Friday, February 16, 2007

Skinny chick

On the snowy, windy, cold ass streets of Inaianapolis.

Posted live via cell phone from Dealer Expo 2007

Red Kross

Obligatory product shot.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Piss on Don

In Indiana, there are urinal puck holders named after me. Oh, and it's seven degrees.

Posted live via cell phone from Dealer Expo 2007

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Creature from The Desk #1

In an effort to create more content, I’ve come up with the following ridiculous concept:
On a weekly basis I will take a photo of something on my desk and post it here.

In appropriately Valentinian style, today’s Creature from the Desk is a kiss bot:

Why would I have such a thing? It’s a prop from an old ad campaign that comes in handy when I get lonely working late into the night. The remnants of the campaign are still online at

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Transcendent Thursday

I rode in the rain today. It was more-or-less just spitting when I left the office and actually pretty warm…almost tropical feeling. As I climbed towards the mountains, it got increasingly more wet, but I just told myself the spray going up my taint was therapeutic—a comforting road grit enema of sorts.

For as grim as it looked outside, I was pretty happy and comfortable, and only got a tiny bit cold descending Laurel Glen. Even my toes were warm, despite wet shoes and socks.

The reaction you get from people on a day like this is always funny to me. Behind their windshield wipers you could read it on their faces--“Kook!” “Poor guy!” “That looks SO dangerous!” “What’s the matter with those people?!”

They don’t get it—the perfect rhythm of the raindrops and the way you tick over the pedals to match it in time; the subtle, almost subconscious little body shifts that makes the bike magically hold traction in the curves; the way the scenery is transformed and the air is scrubbed clean.

So I guess I am a kook…and a perfectly content one at that.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Can I just say...

...I love California. I'm going to Indianapolis next week. As if the Colts fans aren't going to be annoying enough, IT'S MINUS SEVEN DEGREES there. At least there will be cool (if not downright frozen) motorcycles. I hope we have hot water this year.

PS - These are not complaints, just the facts. Afterall I once had antifreeze in my blood.