Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Last Belly Ache

Reflecting back on my day’s diet, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at my late Wednesday afternoon tummy ache.

Today’s food in reverse order of consumption:
- Hostess Ho Hos from the vending machine
- A Costco Nitrate Dog with a cup of half Sprite/half lite lemonade
- A piece of cake in honor of Sean and Phil’s birthdays
- A bite of Shannan’s gnarly leftover pizza
- A Fruit Nut Crunch Mojo Bar
- An Odwalla C-Monster Citrus Smoothie
- Several handfuls of Trader Joe’s salted and roasted almonds
- A Coca Cola
- A Chill Out #1 Breakfast Burrito with roasted turkey
- A Coca Cola

Non-food contributors:
- The project that is sucking the life out of me
- Too much water from the sky and mud slides and driving

I don’t eat like this. I don’t sit still like this. I don’t let the gray skies and rain, rain, rain get to me like this.

Tomorrow, I snap out of it. Tomorrow, I ride my bike or go for a run or take a swim. Tomorrow, I will write something good.

I mean it. I will be me again.


Anonymous said...

so, did you swim, ride or run today? the sun IS out.

Dongoose said...

I rode my bike. My lungs were buttery and I had no feel for my legs, but the sun felt good and so did I.