Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bike Year Part 2: The Places

I’m lucky. Very VERY lucky. I mean how many people get to do a job they really love and have it take them to places they want to go and pay for them to do some of the things they love to do? Add personal trips to legendary and amazing places and 2006 becomes supercalifragilistically insanely great.


Giro d’ Italia (Road) – This trip combined the incredible spectacle of a Grand Tour, the amazing riding of Northern Italy and the otherworldly food and friendliness of the world’s warmest people.


Girona, Spain (Road) – Not two weeks after getting back from Italy, it was off to an international sales meeting in Spain. And while we spent more time on planes and in meeting rooms than anything else, the leisure time allowed, particularly the riding, was sublime.


Downieville & Tahoe, CA
(MTB) – While The Sierra is hardly worlds away, getting all packed up and out to Downieville sometimes seems more daunting than the four hour drive it is. Which is too bad because that 14-mile downhill always leaves me wanting more...and the addition of the rock garden-to-toboggan slope known as Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride near the town of Meyers in South Lake Tahoe made this trip a definite do-over.

Whistler, BC Canada (MTB) – To be frank, I was kind of scared of this place. The stunts, the steeps, the jumps, the drops—I’d seen them all in photos and on videos and as fun as they look, I’m an XC guy. All lungs and legs, not hops and props. But it’s pretty amazing what good instruction, a little confidence and 10-inches of travel can do. Riding Whistler changed me…and it still scares me. And that’s what I love about it.


Fruita, CO. & Moab, UT (MTB) – Moab is a good old friend. I could ride Porcupine Rim every day for a month and not get sick of it. Fruita is a good new friend…and a kinda kooky friend at that. While the weather limited our outdoor exploration, it helped us make friends at the local bike shop which has a wackier and funnier cast of characters than any sitcom on TV.

Bike Year 2006
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